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Advanced Energy and Fuels Management - Professional Science Masters

Internship Help


Current PSM Energy students can check here for information about the internship and how to get help.  Be sure to get connected with Energy @ SIU.

Some internship job titles have included:

Biofuels Assistant
Business Research Intern
Energy Auditor
Environmental Engineer
Power Systems Data Analyst
Project Engineering Intern
Research Analyst
Research Consultant
Sustainability Intern

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Getting Started

  1. Think about what you’re interested in and what you want to get out of the internship. Think about your strengths and what you have to offer; also, think about limitations in terms of location, duration, etc. Use this information in communication with potential internship companies.
  2. Think about companies and industries that interest you, or start with a general search and narrow it down. Make a list and prioritize the companies if possible.
  3. Try to make contact with your chosen company(-ies) through your contacts (friends of friends), such as via LinkedIn, or apply through the normal internship channels. Be persistent, and be honest about your capabilities so that your internship will be the right fit.
  4. Keep the lines of communication open so that expectations for both sides can be met.
  5. Remember: you will need to write an internship report at the end of your experience.