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Advanced Energy and Fuels Management - Professional Science Masters

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PSM - Energy Program Overview

Through the PSM in Advanced Energy and Fuels Management at SIUC, students will receive:

  1. Technical training including core skills in energy resources and technology, covering both conventional and emerging energy technologies as well as energy economics and policy
  2. Training in business skills training will include financial, personnel and project management.
  3. Experience: All students will complete a capstone 6 credit hour internship with a business, governmental agency, or nongovernmental organization working in the energy sector.

Our on-campus, in-class learning experience puts you in direct contact with instructors, fellow students and the Advanced Coal and Energy Research Center (ACERC). The PSM Energy program provides science, technology, engineering and math graduates with advanced technical training in energy resources and technology, while simultaneously equipping them with the business skills and policy perspectives required by employers in the sector. The PSM-Energy program will prepares students for interdisciplinary careers in a team-oriented work environment undergoing rapid change. The flexibility of the curriculum allows students to address the aspects of the energy and fuel sector that interests them or their employers.

Realignment of the U.S. energy sector will occur over the next several decades due to increased importance of currently unconventional energy resources and deployment of new technologies for utilization of conventional forms of energy. This realignment will require a trained workforce with both science-based technical knowledge of a broad range of energy technologies, including an understanding of the Research & Development process, and business skills. The SIUC PSM in Advanced Energy and Fuels Management will enable students to meet both of these requirements if they are recent graduates through specialized training prior to entering the energy industry workforce or if they are working professionals in the energy industry who require additional training and qualifications for further career advancement.