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Advanced Energy and Fuels Management - Professional Science Masters

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Program Specifics

Up to 25 students will be accepted into each entering class starting in the fall. 

Cost is based on the regular tuition and fee structure for an in-state or out of state student taking 12-credit hours (see the Graduate School website).

This intensive program is designed to minimize the time students would need to be away from full-time employment while maintaining academic rigor. This program includes business, science/technology and policy elements, broken down as follows and is designed to provide the diverse skill set demanded by industry.

  • 9  Business-related credit hours

  • 9  Science/technology-related credit hours

  • 3  Credit hours of energy policy studies

  • 9  Credit hours of electives

  • A capstone 6 credit hour internship in industry completed over the summer semester.

The program is composed of the following courses. All specified courses are required core curriculum elements. A preliminary list of preferred electives is included, but this list is not intended to be either exhaustive or exclusive. Additional existing courses may be added to this list and several academic units have indicated their intention to develop courses that would be suitable as electives for participants in this program. 

Fall Semester (12 Hours)

ME 568 Alternative Energy and Fuel Resources
ME 446 Energy Management
IMAE 450 Project Management
BA 510 Managerial Accounting & Control Concepts

Spring Semester (12 hours)

GEOG 522 Environmental and Energy Economics
BA 540 Managerial & Organizational Behavior

Summer Semester (6 hours)

AEFM 585 Internship in Advanced Energy and Fuels Management*

Fall Semester (6 hours)

GEOL 588 Global Energy Resources
Science Elective

*Internship (6 hrs.)  The internship requires the student to complete a specified project for the employer supporting the internship, the nature of which will be approved by PSM faculty in consultation with the employer prior to the initiation of the project. The intern is required to submit both a written and oral project report to both the employer and PSM faculty.