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Advanced Energy and Fuels Management - Professional Science Masters

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Why PSM - Energy?

Global energy demand continues to increase, as well as Americans' desire to lessen dependency on foreign and fossil-fuel energy sources. These energy trends will hasten a demand for "science professionals" with a combination of skills and expertise in new energy technology, energy policy, and energy business.  Professionals equipped through SIUC's Professional Science Master's in Advanced Energy and Fuels Management will be distinguished as innovative players in a competitive and rapidly changing energy landscape, and be poised to play a leading role in shaping our energy future.

Employers in the energy and fuel sector need employees who combine technical competencies with managerial skills. There are two key drivers of the U.S. energy sector:

(1) Energy demand is increasing and is likely to continue to do so for the foreseeable future, and

(2) There is considerable pressure from both policy makers and consumers to lessen reliance on imported energy resources and simultaneously move towards more sustainable and environmentally benign energy production.

Consequently, the sector is rapidly diversifying, with new technologies such as solar energy, wind energy and biofuels supplementing conventional energy resources.  And, conventional energy resources are deploying new technologies to increase efficiency and reduce environmental impact.  Similarly innovation is changing the ways energy and fuels are distributed, stored, and delivered to end users.

These changes have created a need for a highly trained, innovative workforce with an enhanced understanding of both conventional and emerging energy resources and an extensive awareness of the developing technologies facilitating the reinvention of U.S. energy production while invigorating the overall economy.

The SIUC PSM in Advanced Energy and Fuels Management provides science, technology, engineering, and math graduates with advanced technical training in energy resources and technology while simultaneously equipping them with business /managerial skills and a policy perspective required by professional employers in the energy sector.